Serving Up real-time information and Business scalability

This is a case study on SAP implementation.  It explains how India’s leading equipment manufacturer brought business scalability and real-time information with SAP. 

Growing Pains

India’s leading construction manufacturing company has a portfolio of producing construction equipment like SLCM, Batching plants, pumps, Transit mixers and dumpers. As of now, the company owned and operate two manufacturing plants in Karnataka and have depots presence across the country. In recent years, economic and other factors have created pressure on the company’s bottom line. Growth slowed as customer spending declined and cost increased with rising external factors. Employees needed timely and accurate information to make decision that would help them meet their business goal.

The challenges

IT leaders were struggling with disparate systems that were not integrated to their current IT landscape. Multiple systems and lack of integration undermined data integrity. It resulted in a lengthy period close cycle including audit and control issues. In addition, data was inconsistent from the production to corporate level. Without reliable data at each level like production, sells, Finance producing a statement reflecting consistently defined performance of the organization was a challenge. Leadership team of the organization asked ENTUNE to help them implement a transformation project to create efficient business process, develop a platform that foster growth in domestic and international front, and reduce technology risk.   

How ENTUNE helped

Entune partnered with the India’s leading construction manufacturing company to improve business scalability and data governance effectiveness, powered by SAP technology. First ENTUNE team engaged with the executive leadership team to help define a roadmap that supports organization’s growth strategy. Meetings were held with top leadership to gain a clear understanding of their business processes and challenges, which were analysed during the blueprint design that would guide the team’s work.

The organization took on SAP ECC 6.0 implementation initiative to streamline their processes, gain better visibility on financial data and position themselves in the path of growth.  

While ENTUNE’s team were working on the implementation projects, several other projects were underway. ENTUNE’s team worked closely with the parallel technology projects to help them design and implement a full end to end solution.

The organization communicated to the employees and delivered just in time training on the new processes and system. ENTUNE team followed through with support after the implementation to make sure the system and process run efficiently.


We were able to address the challenges effectively and meet the company’s objective of business transformation. The organization witnessed reduction in working capital and inventory due to better materials planning and optimized asset performance and utilization. Management has access to reliable and on time report for better decision making. They have now better visibility into group wide processes and customer interactions. Implementation of standard operating procedures also led to lean manufacturing process and improved quality management. The conversion also provided the company flexibility in integration with other software and technologies.