|Bhaskar Das

Senior Executive-Digital Marketing |

We are stepping into a future where the smart business models and processes will be the key driving forces behind the growth of any organization. To be reckoned as a smart enterprise of the future, a seamless system that can help accelerate the journey towards digital transformation is much needed and SAP cloud is one single platform that delivers some key benefits in the process.

Let’s first make ourselves acquainted with what makes up an intelligent enterprise. It’s nothing but the convergence of skillsets and strengths possessed by humans and machines that becomes the building blocks of an innovative business model. To achieve it, enterprise comes across challenges such as integration of data and all the processes, compliances, security, transparency and immediate availability of new applications and technologies. SAP cloud platform comprehensively covers all the elements needed to address these challenges and paves your way towards digital transformation. Not only does SAP cloud help enterprises to empower themselves with a solid technical foundation that enhances business agility and responsiveness of present time but will also equip them for the future too.  Let’s see in detail how SAP’s cloud offerings can be helpful for your organization in myriad ways.

Trouble free interaction between the core SAP and hybrid landscape

In addition to offering smooth and seamless interaction between SAP’s software as service offerings (SaaS) and core SAP system, SAP cloud platform also integrates SAP HANA Data Management Suite tools and the data orchestration solution SAP data hub ensuring a hassle-free retrieval of data from any disparate system. Seamless integration of the Hybrid system landscape with the existing solution is another advantage SAP cloud offers.

Easy deployment and access to some preconfigured applications

There are multiple preconfigured business services that you can have access to with SAP cloud platform. This brings in an opportunity to build and integrate innovative enterprise-class applications with the availability of in-built application component and the integrated functionality. And these all can be done with minimum effort and less time. Moreover, they enjoy the benefit of being a part of SAP’s entire ecosystem where they can have access to SAP’s partner build solutions.

Equip developers with a range of tools

Being an open standard platform, SAP cloud gives an opportunity to IT experts to leverage the platform with a range of development tools. It becomes much easier for developers to build customized business services and apps by applying their technical skills. Another features added to the cloud platform is SAP Cloud Application Programming Model that enables you to quickly create business applications based on your domain logic.

User-friendly experience

User experience and acceptance determine the success of any business app. Hence, a user-friendly application interface is indeed the crucial part an app should offer across all devices. Here, SAP cloud platform come to your rescue as it comes with all the software development kits (SDK’s) needed to build a tailored and customized interface according to their business needs. This ensures that users don’t face any problem in working with the app across multiple devices they use such as a tablet, smartphone etc.