|Bhaskar Das

Senior Executive, Digital Marketing|

Technology has changed the world in ways that we had never imagined. Intelligent advancement in machine learning, big data is setting the stage for a new digital era where the organizations will reinvent themselves with more innovative business processes to augment their functionality and become an intelligent enterprise.  

Bringing agility to business

The present age is the age of agility. To survive and thrive in this fast-paced digital age, many leaders think being agile is the only way forward. However, there are many challenges too, and being able to innovate constantly is the major one. To drive agility and innovation in business an organization need to fully utilize the data-driven insights, and the right technological framework is a cornerstone for providing access to accurate data. Turning this data into insights and making intelligent decisions out of it can help seize new market opportunities.

Hence, a right technical architecture is the core to create agility and drive innovation in business as well as act quickly on intelligent insights.

Intelligent enterprise

Evolving in the intelligent era

We are on the threshold of an intelligent era where technologies like Artificial intelligence are believed to be crucial for the business to survive in the next five years.  Most of the businesses not only have started thinking on the same line but they are also investing in implementing such technologies. However, to be successful in the intelligent era, any business should prioritize evolving its complete ecosystem into an intelligent enterprise.

Intelligent Enterprise- Easing the way to agility

An intelligent enterprise is a smart business model established on the idea of innovation. The intelligent organization believes in capitalizing on smart technologies to reduce the complexity and time of a complex business process, can predict the customer needs and can act timely on actionable insights to delight their customers. To be reckoned as an intelligent enterprise, the organization needs to adopt tools that make them ready for the future.

Intelligent Enterprise

Here’s a technology partner with extensive knowledge and experience in providing innovative solutions that can streamline the entire business process from end-to-end is very important. Entune’s SAP S/4 HANA powered smart shift solution can effectively address the challenges the enterprise needs to evolve in the intelligent era and stay two steps ahead of the competition.

SAP S/4 HANA cloud has been instrumental in paving the way for an intelligent enterprise that provides modern technologies like digital age user experience, AI-powered automation, and next-generation business process. With SAP S/4 HANA framework, you can accurately predict what is around your business and make an informed decision or can improve your next course of action.

Build your Roadmap with SAP

If you are looking to step up with confidence in this digital world, your business need adaptability to quickly transform into an intelligent enterprise. If transformation is your next step, here’s how SAP can help you.

Connecting people and data

In the digital age, not only the consumers have high expectations from your business but, the employees too want better functionality to simplify their job. No doubt, a great user interface (UI) that offers seamless interaction between your business and customers will delight your customers but, great user experience is going beyond the interface. Employees also need an intuitive UI that fits their role providing access to data for their daily tasks and course of action.

SAP S/4 HANA cloud with SAP cloud platform has been proven to be the best fit platform that offers your business much-needed agility to meet rising customer’s expectations and business demands. Streamlining the functionality across your organization and business processes, deploying and developing customized applications for your specific business needs can be fulfilled by utilizing SAP S/4 HANA cloud.

Easy integration with third-party solutions

In today’s fast-paced digital world, no business can survive working in isolation. Neither the business solutions should be allowed to. SAP offers a unique opportunity to have a 360-degree view of your entire operational stratum in real-time across multiple lines of business. In SAP cloud platform, you can integrate the third-party solutions seamlessly into the system architecture so that nothing goes unnoticed. Even if there is a non SAP solution in some lines of your business that you would like to connect with the SAP cloud platform, you can do it easily.      

Enriching your business applications

SAP cloud platform enables you to enrich the functionality of your business apps with capabilities like machine learning (MI) artificial Intelligence (AI) and other advanced technologies. This can help a great deal in augmenting your day to day operation.

Delve deeply into data

Data is the heart and core of your digital journey. A single source data is not enough to feed your transformation, and hence, you need to get data from multiple external sources apart from the core data of your business processes. It can include a variety of data sources like market data, social media, weather information, connected sensors, etc. 

Intelligent Enterprise

In the age of digitalization, we come across a host of structured and unstructured data. However, making sense out of those is the real deal for an intelligent enterprise. So, just having the right data is not enough, digging analytical insights from the data linked to the core business process is what an enterprise should focus on to drive growth. Machine learning can help us uncover the insights of unstructured data.

So, deploying machine learning across your core business process may expose the hidden insights enabling you to explore new opportunities. Thanks to the SAP cloud platform as it enables you to ad machine learning into your business process that will certainly explore new ways of doing business.

Leverage the power of IoT

Although the term is not new and most of us are familiar with it, this has become a priority for many companies at present. Thanks to the world of rising connectivity where big data, analytics, and cloud technologies are shaping up the future of business. With the SAP cloud platform, any organization can unlock the potential of IoT data to create a smarter business model. Reaping the value of IoT is also key to digital transformation.